You may consider a toilet is just a pretty simple fixture and does not need much thought. Unfortunately, there are many choices when it comes to selecting a toilet for your bathroom. To save you from being insane, Calgary Bathroom will downgrade for you the things you must consider if you are ready to select the right one for you.

Calculate Your Rough-in

The first thing you do is that you must know the size of your present rough-in. Rough-in is the area between your bathroom wall to the middle of your toilet rim. The common measurement of the rough-in is 12 inches, but the model size is between 10 and 14 inches. It is much easier to select a new toilet with the same size as your old rough-in.

Toilet Fit

The lengthened toilet bowl is the best relaxable shape for most people. If you have a tiny bathroom or with a limited budget, you can choose a round toilet bowl. The round toilet bowl can keep about three inches of space and less price than lengthened bowls. For a small bathroom, this can make a huge difference. It is either you can not fully open the doors and drawers.

The normal ceiling for the toilet measures fifteen inches. However, for taller people, it is great to have a bit taller toilet. It is cozier. The height for a toilet is 17 or 19 inches is better for backs and knees. And this is a great selection for people who have problems with mobility. The problem for this is harder for children and short people when used.

Style of the Toilet

The normal design of the two-piece toilet, with a tank that fastens on top of the bowl, is not the only option you can choose. Also, you can choose a one-piece toilet that looks smooth and easy to clean. What about a wall-mounted toilet? This kind is easier to clean, and boost emotion to the bathroom. Though they are more expensive than the other models.


If you are in the store for the new toilet, this is a great time to lessen your carbon footprint and choose a toilet that uses less water. For more than 20 years the low-flush toilets have come a long way. With the use of power-assisted flush, these styles of toilets can carry what they are meant to. However, they use less water to work on. Before you decide to buy, you may need to have a comparison of the toilet’s flushing work against other brands.

Characteristics of comfort

Life needs to have comfort in all areas, so why not the toilet? You can select a characteristic of comfort like a warm seat. Or you can choose a soft-closing seat to make sure the toilet seat is not left up. Also, you can add foot warmer, self-deodorizer, a nightlight, and many others. Moreover, you can be personalized or even upgrade more Bathroom renovation ideas in innovative ways.

For your future Calgary Home bath renovation, you may visit any Bathroom Calgary showroom to provide you the best choice.