Lighting is very essential in every room of the house, but it needs more in the Calgary bathroom. If you choose the wrong bulb you may turn distorted with your makeup while putting it. Or if you put a fixture incorrectly you will shave in the shadows. Other people say that only one kind of light, like a sconce, is enough but they are wrong. You need to have various sources of lighting to ensure your bathroom is functional and beautiful. You may install different lighting in different activity areas. Having a right and comfortable light in your bathroom brings the perfect result of what you need to do in the area. In this article, you will read a few tips from designers to have a great Calgary Home bath in choosing bulbs, a fixture to avoid the haunted house look.

Expand the Natural Light

It is great to bring your bathroom with more natural lights. This is the way you will see people and yourself. In the daytime, be sure to have the window open so the light will come in. If you want to have a home renovation, facing north is the best place for your bathroom. The light from facing north is indirect that will form soft and diffused light.

Locate the Fixture carefully

If you choose a fixture for your bathroom, you need at least four-inch recessed above the fixture which will have a clean look. This will be more functional as an overhead light. Most designers prefer to have scones alongside overhead light or at the top of the mirror which will have a great reflection. Hence, a designer says that it is essential that there is a light between your face and the mirror. It is not good to have a backlight alone, you will not see your face properly.

Select the correct bulb

One expert designer prefers to have the warmest light as possible, a 2700K LEDs for the bathroom is the right choice. Because it is the nearest that you have to the natural light. It is preferred to have bright bulbs like 150 watts or with the same value. If you need careful view you need a strong light but dim light is more calming and romantic.

The light on the Ceiling

The final light for your bathroom is the ceiling light, whether flush mount or semi-flush mounts is the great light that will give to your bathroom. These fixtures provide moderate ambient light which is great for evening enjoyment. Also, it builds more balance and character.


To have great Bathroom renovation ideas you may check the Calgary showroom. For you to have the perfect ideas and mix and match as well as lighting design. With the above tips, you will create a great and perfect light for your bathroom that will suit your needs and your personality. If you have any plan of bathroom remodeling you may check and ask Bathroom renovation companies for some suggestions. And find the right one that will fit your budget.