Small Bathroom Remodel

Intuition tells the majority of homeowners that it is simple to find the best sink for the bathroom during a small bathroom remodel. This was true some years back. However, today, there exist a small array of possibilities. There is a vast variety of sink materials, shapes, colors, installation styles, and hardware. All these factors will determine the installation of a specific sink during your Bathroom Renovations Calgary project.

The sink of choice for the small bathroom remodel, and the place you put it inside the room will define something else you will do with the small space. A newfangled sink for the remodeling project can cost up to one thousand dollars. It is good to decide on the amount you can afford to spend on the sink and select the design style and features of the bathroom before shopping for the sink. It will help you remain on track when you identify flashy or trendy styles in the market. Remember that a lot of stores display favorite colors and styles in their showrooms. It is worth your time to ask about the options and check on manufacturers and online stores.


The majority of sinks are manufactured from porcelain, enamel, steel, or cast iron. These materials have been in use for a long time. Their ability to withstand stains and durability make them very popular. They come in all possible colors and are suitable for all styles of installation. As bathroom décor and design continues to become more appropriate, sinks are produced in various materials including cultured stone, concrete, metals, glass, acrylics, and solid surface materials. Consider the person that will use the sink while deciding on the sink materials because concrete and stone will require high maintenance and will necessitate regular sealing and resealing and metals and glass can easily scratch.


Your choice to not include or include the vanity in the small bathroom remodel will narrow your options of sink remodeling.

In case you are not utilizing the vanity, the sink will probably be a wall-mounted or free-standing. The sinks use little space, which makes them ideal for small baths. They are preferred in baths fitted for accessibility purposes. Whether you attach the wall or a pedestal, the plumbing will be seen. They do not provide storage space, requiring less space, which will make the bathroom to seem enormous.

In case you are including vanities, you may choose sleek continuity or smoothness of a solid surface on the sink or vanity top. This piece is continuous, and it includes the sink. This style is possible with concrete, cultured stone, granite, and marble. Concrete and stone will need sealing and resealing. The sinks will be shallow when you compare them to other styles.

Drop-in sinks from Bathroom Renovations Calgary have rims that overlap the edge of this countertop. There are easy and inexpensive ways of doing this, which make them a good choice when doing it by yourself. Look for styles that have a depth to limit splashing on surrounding areas.

Under-mounted sinks get attached to underside areas of the countertop. They are populous because they formulate smooth surfaces that take advantage of each inch on the surface. This installation style limits your choices for countertops to material that is waterproof.

Installation of countertop has become common, although the trend is now waning. This installation employs unique bowls that sit on top of the piece or counter of the furniture. The styles are costly, and the installation is expensive.

The most current trends in the design of bathrooms put the focus on unusual steps, exotic materials, vivid colors, and the attempts to use furniture for cabinets and vanities. Small dimensions of the bathroom will prevent you from utilizing the furniture unless you can find an antique piece that will serve as your countertop.