Does your small bathroom look boring and dull? Don’t stay that way, today you can have lots of choices to give your dull bathroom to a live one. Small bathroom renovations have a lot of ways to make it beautiful but cost-effective. Usually, a small bathroom can only have a washroom design a simple toilet and a small shower area. Without cabinet for stock and for dry clothes. In this article, we will give a few small bathroom ideas, which you can have to give life to your bathroom.

Use Clever paint effect that will create additional heights

Halfway you paint your wall to create an illusion of height. With the use of darker paint on the lower part. Thus, this will create a distance from the upper portion of the wall. Hence, one color of the wall paint will not have much depth. This kind of smart but small paint trick is a great way to make a small space appear larger than it really is.

Affix your tap to the wall

For the best washroom renovation, a tap builds to the wall will work for small bathroom. The pipework can be hidden without the need for basin pedestal.

Think like an Expert

For a small bathroom, it is best to keep feeling open by not crowding too many things into it. You may hang your towel on bars or hooks. You may keep the pattern to a minimum and simple. For your tap, you may choose a pedestal sink rather than the traditional tap. For shower renovation instead of a curtain. It is better to have a glass door and reflective surfaces such as glossy ceramic tiles on the large size.

Choose to have a wall-mounted unit

It is better to have wall-mounted modular furniture is the best for storage. Because of it’s a fussy and streamlined look. It has a wide range of heights, widths, and depths, meaning you can create semi-bespoke furniture that suits your space. There is also a wide range of colors from soft to strong tones. As well as, with plenty of different textures.

Disguise by Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the best ways to disguise a small bathroom to create interest and a striking. Make sure that you buy wallpaper specifically for bathrooms. Thus, this will cope with damp and warm conditions.

Tricky Tiles

If you have a bathtub you may put tiles on the side of it and the wall with the same design. It will make it hard to distinguish where each begins. In this way, your space will look larger. Particularly, marble is perfect in this kind of style. Hence, it looks like one huge sheet and the individual sheet is not obvious.


The above style is just a few choices you can make for your small bathroom that will make it into a lively place to stay. This means that size does not matter as long as you have wide ideas to give to your small bathroom. Do not limit yourself of your space let your imagination work.