Tub to Shower Conversion

Taking a bath provides benefits such as the pleasant atmosphere, the resilience which allows total relaxation in the water, and the lowering of blood temperature. However, you know that the best way to remove oil, dirt, dead skin, and flakes is to take a nice refreshing shower. You know that at some point in the course of a bath after your pores have opened up and your skin has become thoroughly moisturized, you will get no cleaner. You are merely relaxing in a puddle of lukewarm soapsuds and the dirt you’ve accumulated throughout your day. The only way to end a bath properly is to take a final rinse in the shower before you leave the bathroom, which uses even more water in the bathing process. Just washing is only half the bathing process; you need a good rinse as well. Some renovations and tub-to-shower conversions should thus be on your mind. Also, from an environmentally friendly point of view, showers typically use less energy than baths. For all these reasons and more, it is time to replace the tub in your home with a spacious, clean, and adequate shower.

Planning for Tub to Shower Conversion

First, you should contact companies near you that provide these services. Make appointments with representatives of the companies to come to your home to take a look at your bathroom. These representatives should be able to take the necessary measurements and determine the difficulty level and price range of the conversion job. It will help you get a plan on how you are going to convert your tub to shower within your budget.

 More so, when you convert tub to shower, you will also need to consider the cost of implementing your design ideas. A bathtub to shower conversion that uses around floor drain will be more expensive regarding labor costs to install because the subfloor requires more time to construct due to the multiple planes involved. If you want to convert tub to shower using a linear drain system, your labor costs will be less due to only a single plane needing to be built into the subfloor structure of the shower.

Some Transformation Choices: Tub to Shower

 There are some choices which exist within transformation jobs, starting from scratch with a tiled shower installation, cutting an indentation in the side of your bathtub and having railings, and creating a total walk-in shower. When starting from scratch, the location of the drain in the floor is the most acute issue to compact. Sometimes the pipe will have to transfer to other places to give it an essential location within the shower for an ideal drainage. If you have an elderly grandparent living under your roof, getting a bath side door cut into the existing bath for easy access and installing railings would considerably reduce any chance of slippage. If you need a shower that is handicapped manageable, replacing your bathroom with a walk-in shower is the obvious way to go.

When the time is right for you to convert tub to shower in your home, you may have a steep learning curve. It will help understand which types of bathroom features will be most suitable for your bathroom remodeling project — the floor drain that you select, bathtub replacement shower pans, labor costs, as well as the finished design look of the bathroom. Bathroom Renovations Calgary remains to be top on the game when it comes to tub and shower conversion. The company offers the best services at the most competitive rates in the region.